Sleeping Bear on the Moon Stickers
Sleeping Bear on the Moon Stickers
Sleeping Bear on the Moon Stickers
Sleeping Bear on the Moon Stickers

Sleeping Bear on the Moon Stickers

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ļ»æThese Sleeping Bear on the Moon Stickers are both adorable and lovely. They can be applied to your walls quickly and easily. It has an attractive texture with a special, beautiful pattern. They don't leave any trace on the walls and are robust and impermeable. The adorable bear on the wall stickers looks like a real one.Ā 


  • Specification:Ā Single-Piece Package
  • Material:Ā PVC
  • Style:Ā Modern
  • Scenarios:Ā Wall
  • Size:Ā 40x116cm

More About The Wall Sticker:

Home Decor: If you are looking for something to beautify your plain wall, these classy and stylish wallĀ stickersĀ can be your favorite to go with. Itā€™s anĀ upgraded product, with high quality, and realistic effects. If hung properly, it stays longer than the paint. The high-qualityĀ wallĀ stickersĀ can cover up surface flaws.

Easy to Cut Into Any Size/Shapes.:Ā It isĀ easy to apply on a smooth surface. Splicing can be done at home. Excellent for use on plain walls, on walls adjacent to a staircase, or in the bedroom/ living room. It enhances the beauty of the room wherever applied. It is easy to cut hence, can be used to decore your switchboards or mugs, door handles, etc.Ā 

Pattern:Ā When it comes to routine, its authenticity is mesmerizing and updates your furniture even on a low budget. The texture and fine quality make it look real. It will improve the look of your wall and will make it look attractive on the same side. Is ideal for creating a beautiful atmosphere.

Set The Room With The Right Backdrop:Ā Hanging rich, opulent wallĀ stickersĀ will quickly make a room feel cozier and warmer if it feels too large. If you have a small room that needs to feel bigger lighter, neutral or metallic wallĀ stickersĀ will provide intrigue and brightness.

Easy Application:Ā Unlike conventional wallĀ stickersĀ printed on paper, these wall stickersĀ are printed onto a non-woven foundation, making them paste-the-wall applications that can be easily hung and removed. Applying the wallĀ stickersĀ is not messy, and there is no chance of furniture or carpeting being splattered. Decorating is now easier and takes many wallĀ stickersĀ time thanks to this brilliant invention!Ā 

UsesĀ ā€“ These wallĀ stickersĀ can be used in a number of ways. It is suitable for smooth and flat surfaces though, it can be used on kitchen counters, furniture, on a notebook, for crafts, and for decorating a bookshelf. It looks beautiful when used for restoring old furniture. It is recommended to be used on a dry-smooth surface. Rough and wet countertops will affect the viscosity of the product.

Simple To Use:Ā The wallĀ stickersĀ comeĀ in multiple rolls that can be neatly spliced at will without purposefully aligning the lines. The size design of the back mesh is simple to cut. To use, just peel and stick to any smooth surface. When pasting, use gentle pressure. After a dislocation, it is simple to adjust and can be used again without extra adhesive.