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ITD Collection Demask Wallpaper

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Elevate your decor with the ITD Collection Demask Wallpaper. Crafted in Italy with eco-friendly inks on premium rice paper, this elegant, consistent design is perfect for your creative projects.


  • Length: 8.27 inches
  • Width: 11.69 inches

Additional Information:

This rice paper is printed in Italy on the best available paper, using eco-friendly inks, and manufactured with attention to every detail by printing experts. The process results in consistency across colors while giving your designs an elegant look that's perfect for any project!• Each sheet ships flat and folded in a plastic sleeve between two cardboard inserts. Any creases in the paperwork themselves out during the decoupage process, or you can iron on low/medium dry heat on a flat surface.


  • Measure and cut the paper (super easy to cut)

  • Apply a thin coat of Gel/Clear Coat with a brush on your piece. If you are covering a large area, it is best to do it one section at a time

  •  Apply the decoupage paper on the gel and lightly press it so it sticks to the surface

  • You can use your hand, a cloth or a brayer to make sure it is completely adhered to the medium you applied

  •  Apply another thin layer of gel or coat over the decoupage paper
  •  Let top layer fully dry before applying a second coat

  • Do not touch your rice paper when it is wet

  • And, you are done! Take a step back and admire your work