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Coastal Wave Removable Wallpaper

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$14.99 - $144.99
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Elevate Your Space with Coastal Wave Removable Wallpaper: Crafted from durable, non-woven materials, our handmade wallpaper allows hassle-free application and removal. Revamp your home with ease, ideal for those seeking a flexible decor solution.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Fabric

Additional Information:

Our wallpaper is made from sturdy, high-quality materials and is simple to install and remove, making it a wonderful option for renters or people who want to alter their homes without committing to a long-term change. For renters or individuals who want to enhance their area without committing to a permanent change, the non-woven material makes the wallpaper simple to apply and remove.

    About Materials:

    Peel and Stick

    • Self-adhesive material;
    •  Fabric-like canvas texture gives a luxurious feel;
    •  PVC Free;
    • 100% PET;
    • Damage free;
    • Eco-friendly materials and original Epson ECO inks with the ISO certificate for use indoors, in schools, kindergartens, and hotels;
    • Water-resistant (BUT, avoid direct exposure to water). 

    Traditional (non-woven wallpaper):

    • Smooth matte finish, non-woven wallpaper;
    • You will have to buy a special wallpaper glue;
    • The installation will be permanent.

    Size Guide:

    • Sample 20" x 20"
    • 27" wide x 48" high
    • 27" wide x 70"z
    • 27" wide x 98"
    • 27" wide x 108"
    • 27" wide x 120"
    • 27" wide x 130"
    • 27" wide x 140"

     Do Not Use If:

    •  Textured or sanded. The wallpaper will not adhere to texture surfaces;
    •  Freshly painted walls ~ wait at least 4 weeks before installing wallpaper;
    •  Dirty or dusty, mold or mildew ~ clean well and allow walls to dry for at least 24 hours;
    •  Peeling or flaking paint;
    •  Covering old wallpaper.
    • Order a sample to test your wall