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Boho Sunflowers Floral Wallpaper

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Original price $9.99 - Original price $74.99
Original price
$9.99 - $74.99
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Infuse your walls with the allure of handcrafted artistry using our Boho Sunflowers Floral Wallpaper. Made with self-adhesive materials for a simple setup. Elevate your space with a touch of nature's elegance.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Self Adhesive Wallpaper

Additional Information:

Long-Term Peel and Stick:

Peel and Stick wall vinyl with a matte flat finish, removable and repositionable for surfaces satin to gloss. Very popular because the durable adhesive allows secure and lasting installation over walls with irregular finishes and mild textured walls. It will stay put for as long as you need it. Recommended for textured walls or commercial locations. When used on smooth walls, and over flat or matte paint it might lift paint off the wall.

Canvas Peel and Stick:
Luxury canvas texture matte peel and stick wall vinyl. Medium strength adhesive, removable and repositionable. For long or short-term installations. Only recommended for very flat walls free of deformations, irregularities or texture. We cannot guarantee a secure adhesion over irregular or textured walls.

Removable Peel and Stick:
Peel and Stick wall vinyl with a matte flat finish. Soft strength adhesive, removable and repositionable always. No wall damage. For long or short-term installations. Ideal for renters. Only recommended for very smooth walls free of deformations, irregularities or texture. Never install it over a textured or irregular wall or it will fall off the wall.

Traditional Pre-pasted:
PVC Free Fiber based paper post consumer waste sourced. Green wallpaper alternative. Smooth flat ultra matte finish with water activated glue in the back. Add water and paste to the wall. Preferred by professional installers. Can be installed with extra generic wallpaper glue. Removes clean and residue free by adding water.

All our wallpaper panels have one (1) extra inch for overlap purposes in addition to the listed width. Overlap area is mandatory to ensure the quality of our wallpapers. We do not recommend the removal of the overlap for any peel and stick wallpaper. While calculating how many panels you will need please do not consider the overlap since it will be covered by the consecutive panel.


Install on smooth walls, painted, clean, and in good conditions. Clear one hour of your agenda per sheet to install. All orders and samples include a detailed instruction with important tips and tricks.

Do not use if: 

- Your walls are textured or sanded (pre-treat the wall with joint-compound to smoothen the surface)
- If you recently painted your walls (wait at least 4 weeks before installing wallpaper)
- Your walls are dirty or dusty
- Your walls have mold or humidity spots
- The wall paint is lifting off
- Never cover old wallpaper or other elements on the wall
- Avoid rooms with non-regulated or shifting temperatures
- Avoid installing on outer walls when seasonal changes and shifty weather is present. Install when the weather is stable.