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Spring Cleaning: Top 5 Wallpapers for Spring!

Spring Cleaning: Top 5 Wallpapers for Spring!

With spring cleaning around the corner, it’s time to freshen up your living space with some new wallpaper!  Spring represents new life and new beginnings, and what better way to do so than by updating your space? Wallpaper completely transforms any room; My Original Wallpaper is inspired from life and is made with high-quality and durable materials. There is such a wide variety of designs on the website, but here are the top 5 wallpapers for spring!

  1. Golden Fresh Tropical Leaves Wallpaper

It says it right in the name - these fresh tropical leaves bring a subtle pop of color to your space, just in time for spring! Bring some greenery into your home just in time for the nature blooming outside as well. Shop the rest of our Tropical Collection as well!

  1. Simple Hand-Painted Abstract Tree Scenery Wallpaper

This watercolor hand-painted wallpaper design is the perfect addition to any child’s room. With vibrant colors and simple designs, this wallpaper perfectly reflects the beauty of the spring time. Shop the rest of our Abstract Collection here.

  1. White Leaves and Birds Wallpaper

When spring comes around, there is always a sense of calmness from hearing the birds chirp and the leaves blow. Carry that feeling into your home with this White Leaves and Birds Wallpaper - the perfect simple background for any home. Shop the rest of our Animals Collection here.

  1. Simple Hand-Painted Tropical Banana Flowers Wallpaper

If you are someone of extravagance and style, this is the spring wallpaper for you! With full colors and dark tones, this wallpaper instantly elevates your space. It’s rich colors and flowers in full bloom will surely remind you of the spring time. Shop the rest of our Floral Collection here.

  1. 3D Colored feather wallpaper

For someone who likes to keep it simple, this 3D Colored feather wallpaper is perfect for you. This wallpaper has muted and pastel colors, easily blending in with your home, yet giving you subtle reminders of the spring time with its feathers and colors. Shop the rest of our Minimalistic Collection here.

Sold? Or wanting to see even more options from our large array of options? Get your hands on a set of My Original Wallpaper today - there will surely be a design that is perfect for you! Shop now:


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